Decoder Irrigation

What is Decoder Irrigation?

Cutting edge decoder irrigation provides the best of smart irrigation and 2 core irrigation cable. Traditional irrigation consists of multiple low voltage cable that has many coloured wire strands for each zone.

Hydrawise Control boxes having 6, 12 and 24 zones can handle low voltage muti core cable up to the amount of open slots left. Running out of colored cable and zone slots is a common issue.

Decoder Irrigation systems run on 2 core 2.5mm cable and have a red and blue cable. Lets say you have a area thats needs irrigation and over time you develop extra zones or have a large area that needs covering Cutting Edge Irrigation Decoder systems are perfect alowing up to 55 areas to be watered over a large area on just 2 core cable. Need more zones we simply join of the 2 core cable and fit another zone.

Cutting Edge decoder smart watering systems are designed for gardens that develop larger over time. Perfect for medium, and large gardens, cricket pitches, schools and golf courses.

Using 2 core cable and decoder allows you to have peace of mind that minimal damage to established irrigation systems occur.

What are decoders? Irrigation decoders are connected to the 2 core wire path. The controller sends a signal to the decoder zone and then one to the valvue telling it to open or close the watering.

Cutting edge smart automatic watering systems use a number of key features. We are fully qualified with both Rain bird and Hunter, installing both Rainbird and Hydrawise controllers.

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