Cutting edge irrigation winterisation is very important to put the system to sleep. We blow out all water drain tanks and prepare pumps for winter.

Finally making sure that each season your irrigation system is running at full optimum condition or safe and a sleep until spring arrives.

Each winter is different and we suggest always doing a full shut down and draining water from the solenoid valve. We offer a high pressure blowout making sure all water is removed before closing all parts to off.

Sprinkler repair

Due to dirt, soil and calcium deposits the sprinklers can get clogged up. This will effect on the amount of water distributed and can also put stress on your pipes due to the pressure of the water. If you see patch on your lawn then it can be possible that the place is not getting sufficient water due to the broken sprinkler.
Cutting edge irrigation will develop you a system that last and if you need to swap out spray heads its a quick process.

Lawn Pop ups

Solenoid Valve replacement

Solenoid Valves operate each zone of watering, the controller sends a pulse to the valve making it open and to release the water. The more pressure will increase the flow rate and that allows for pop ups and sprinklers to operate. If the pressure of your irrigation system is not correct according to the valves then it will not work properly. It is important to check valves at least once a year to make sure they functioning correctly.

Irrigation pump maintenance

Not all systems need a pump and this will depend on water pressure. If the pressure is not great we can add more zones to avoid pumps. However having a pump leaves the homeowner with a future proof system. The pump is a heart of your irrigation system and it helps to push the water through the pipes to the areas where it is needed. It is crucial to maintain the pump over winter and insure it does not freeze.

Cutting edge pumps

Seasonal repairs

Seasonal repairs and adjustments will be necessary when you add or subtract plants to your garden. Cutting edge irrigation can offer you a simple hour to hour service fee. All parts are guaranteed for one year if you have used our winterisation maintenance plan.

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