Leak detection

If the pipes are not connected properly then can occur the leaks, having the leaks can be costly as water is wasted at these broken connections. Even sometimes it is also not possible to get to know about where the leak is situated, we can help you out of that problem by using the right equipment as soon as possible.

Sprinkler repair

Due to dirt, soil and other substances the sprinklers can also be clogged up. This will effect on the amount of water distributed and can also put stress on your pipes due to the pressure of the water. If you see patch on your lawn then it can be possible that the place is not getting sufficient water due to the broken sprinkler.

Valve replacement

Valves help to release the water, this also work with pressure. If the pressure of your irrigation system is not correct according to the valves then it will not work properly. It is important to check the valves regularly to ensure whether the system is working or not.

Irrigation pump maintenance

The pump is a heart of your irrigation system and it helps to push the water through the pipes to the areas where it is needed. It is crucial to maintain the pump in order to ensure whether the water is going where it is supposed to go.