Cutting Edge Professional Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

Cutting-edge irrigation offers both traditional and smart wifi or 4g setups. Smart irrigation is perfect for on-the-go setups that can be monitored all over the world. Having a flow meter, moisture or soil sensor can allow all this data to be brought to your mobile device.

There is no limit to the size of your garden space, rooftop, or sports pitches. Cutting Edge smart irrigation is fully adaptable and accurately saves you water and time.

Cutting Edge installs Sports Irrigation like Cricket grounds, Golf courses, Bowling greens, and football, or Rugby grounds.

Smart pump starts

Water pressure can cause a drop in flow rate. Using a smart pump start can control the pump allowing for an optimum flow rate across the garden.

Smart Irrigation

Decoder and multi-core cable irrigation

Cutting edge irrigation systems builds all valve boxes based on your setup. Decoder 2 core cable systems we design valves around stainless steel manifolds. Multi-core systems we design valves around PVC manifolds.

All valve boxes talk back to the controller and the pump start allowing full control from you smartphone or tablet.

The good thing about Cutting Edge professional smart irrigation is you save water. Having a system connected to local weather stations adjusts itself to water extra on hot days and less on cool days.

Smart Controllers

With a huge clientele moved over to smart controllers since 2008 Cutting edge irrigation systems can ensure your garden continues to bloom.
Our 2 main suppliers are Hunter and Rainbird Irrigation.

We understand wifi is not always available and can adapt systems to 4G receivers.

Cutting Edge Irrigation
flow meter

Flow meters

At Cutting Edge Irrigation in our Surrey office we focus on commercial and domestic large properties using in-ground sensors and flow meter reports for the clients we manage. Having a large portfolio of clients we do monthly reports on water consumed. Using our contractual service we can manage and maintain the system to its best every month.

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