Smart Irrigation

What is smart irrigation?

Cutting edge automatic smart irrigation provides an irrigation system designed around a busy lifestyle. Our wifi based controllers and zones connect to each other allowing you full control from anywhere in the world.
Come back to your property to a lush green garden thanks to smart watering not a high water bill.

Smart irrigation simplifies the need for changing batteries in a controller or reprogramming controllers pressing buttons and dials. All to find out it does not work.

Cutting Edge automatic smart watering systems are designed for our busy lives. Manage your irrigation any time anywhere as long as you have a internet connection. Keep control of water consumption, ground moisture, evaporation levels, rain fall, individual zone watering times and much more

Cutting edge smart automatic watering systems use a number of key features. We are fully qualified with both Rain bird and Hunter, installing both Rainbird and Hydrawise controllers.

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