London and Surrey Professional Automatic Irrigation System

Who Can Get Automated Irrigation System Done For Your Field?

Such AIS if intend to plan, design and execute is a bit expensive. Moreover, it can be a complex job to do. It requires a team of experts and professionals to implement on the same. Well, it ain’t about discouraging you from apply for so, but the revelation of the fact. The process can include well-planning and installation easily by the experienced group of company.

From irrigation designing and installation to irrigation maintenance and repair, Cutting Edge Irrigation is a ‘One Stop Solution’. For all related services, we are a preferable company to serve your fields the best as we can. In regards to the set-up pricing, do consult our team for field assessment.

What Do We Master In?

  1. Irrigation Services
  2. Water Solutions

Here’s what we cover in our services: –

Irrigation Services

  • Irrigation installations of pumps and fittings
  • Hoses and pipe fittings

Water Solutions

  • Water tanks placement
  • Groundwater capture
  • Rainwater for irrigation
  • Water storage tanks
  • Water Filtration and treatment


Best Of Automated Irrigation System You Can Expect From Us

  1. A quick assessment of the field and prompt planning, designing and installation services.
  2. Easy automation for opening and closure of the valves without really operating it manually.
  3. Time-based tasks relying on pre-set timers, computers and energy-driven technologies.
  4. Manage and control irrigation frequency and fertigation processes.
  5. Provision of advanced crop systems and new technologies. Provision of prior training and guidance in regards to operating the irrigation system to avail.
  6. Make a resourceful use of water in terms of sprinkler, drip and surfacing without wasting or diminishing water requirement.
  7. Anytime the operation of an automated irrigation system including days and nights with accurate utilization of resources.
  8. Plenty of water in a storage tank making available at the priority because the natural process of evaporation that causes loss.
  9. Automated startup and termination of task with no worries and rush for irrigation and management.

The services of Cutting Edge Irrigation does not limit to AIS but serving with after sales service. We bring a sturdy relationship to existence with our valuable clients. In order to clarify the queries do consult us so we get ready to assist you efficiently.